Villa's garden

name of work: Villa's garden
year of design: 2013
architect: N. Nagy Tamás
office: Újirány Tájépítész Kft.
authors: Orsolya B. Orosz, Dominika Tihanyi
planning phase: concept plan, permit documentation

The basic concept of the garden derives from that of the villa's. The garden aims to reflect the old and the newly reconstructed parts of the villa. This leads to the concept of the romantic front garden that is tipical of the existing villa and of Pasarét (this part of Buda); and the creation of the clean forest imagery of the back yard that acts upon the additional part of the villa building, extends and strengthens its universe. The main functional elements of the back yard are the outdoor terrace and the barbecue germane to the living room inside, the whole embedded in a herb garden, the coffee corner hidden in the bamboo grove and the room of the table tennis among the hydrangeas. The front and the side gardens are supposed to form transition between the street front and the intimate rear spaces, and in addition try to gratify functional demands like creating the possibility of civilized waste storage and car parking embedded in the romantic front garden. The main function of the front garden is to make the arrival experience pleasant, so to make everyday life as joyous as possible.

  • Villa's garden
  • Villa's garden
  • Villa's garden
  • Villa's garden