Tata Castle Park

name of work: park of Tata-Eszterházy Castle, Park reconstruction,Tata., Hősoktere 7-8-9/a year of design: 2008
architects: Épitész Tervező és Szervező Kft.
office: UILandscapeArchitects Kft.
authors: Árpád Kovács, Katalin Lukács, Gábor Szohr, Dorottya Thurnay, Dominika Tihanyi
consultant: Adrienne Szalkai
area: 19300 m2

The Eszterházy castle that was built in the 18th century is planned to be renewed as a museum in order to present the life of aristocracy of the time. The castle together with the park lies on the shores of the Old Lake, midst the city center hence the integration of the area into the cities’ tissue is of great importance.
The garden aims to act as an interpreter of the changes that have taken place in the life of the garden. The base of the garden was set in the baroque style which then has been altered into a landscape garden, in the time of the Enlightment setting ground for the era of democracy. The garden is actually a formal expression of social changes which can be put in parallel to the development of a human being hence the garden helps in finding a way to understand greater changes on a more personal level. The garden can be divided into the four most characteristic moments of life. Birth, then early childhood, as the baroque playful garden, the curiosity of the landscape garden as a young adult and the grown up phase as the contemporary garden. In this way the visitor is invited to learn about historical gardens in comparison to his own life, in hope of a better understanding of the former times.

  •  Tata Castle Park
  •  Tata Castle Park
  •  Tata Castle Park
  •  Tata Castle Park
  •  Tata Castle Park