Orsó Garden

name of work: Residential garden in Orsó Street, Budapest
year of design / realization: 2001/2002
office: Újirány Group - Új Irány Kkt.
author: Dominika Tihanyi
building contractor/executor: Park-Line Kft.
area: 300 m2

The garden is situated in the 2nd district of Budapest, where once forests and later fruit groves could be found. In reference to the forest and the fruit groves a pine tree and a walnut tree can be found in the garden. The path that leads to the resting place under the walnut tree is one that could be found in a forest. A small shed and a compost area are placed near the resting place. The green grassy area is bordered by beams placed in the grass to take up height difference in the terrain. The borders of the area are devised with plants so that the feeling of being in a clearing (lawn) of a forest arises.

  • Orsó Garden
  • Orsó Garden
  • Orsó Garden
  • Orsó Garden
  • Orsó Garden